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Where your important medical information, images and records are stored in just ONE place.

eHealthcare™ securely stores your health, fitness and medical records for convenient and easy access from the cloud using your browser and mobile devices.

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Healthy Living

All-in-1 Health Monitoring and EHRs/EMRs for Patients and Medical Staff




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Blood Glucose


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Cloud Database

eHealthcare: Cloud Based Electronic Medical Records System


Brilliant minds in medicine and technology joined together to create a system where patients and medical professionals will have a better chance of connecting faster and easier.

Our All-in-1 and H-100 provides an efficient way of getting vital health information and stores it in the cloud so both doctors and patients can have access anywhere and everywhere anytime.

eHealthcare follows the Health Level-7 or simply HL7 and we are committed to make sure that patient’s health medical records are safe and can only be seen by authorized people.

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Healthy Living Through Internet of Things

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